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Hal Leonard Teaching Little Fingers To Play Mor...
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DescriptionTeaching Little Fingers To Play More Children´s Songs Children will love playing these early elementary level supplements with fantastic optional teacher accompaniments arranged by Carolyn Miller. SonglistDo-re-mi (Sound Of Music) [Rogers, Richard] [Hammerstein, Oscar]I´m Popeye The Sailor Man [Lerner, Sammy]It´s A Small World (It´s A Small World) [Sherman, Richard] [Sherman, Robert]Linus And Lucy [Guaraldi, Vince]Muppet Show Theme [Henson, Jim] [Pottle, Sam]My Favourite Things (The Sound Of Music) [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein, Oscar]Sesame Street Theme [Raposo, Joe] [Hart, Bruce] [Stone, Jon]Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Mary Poppins) [Sherman, Richard] [Sherman, Robert]The Candy Man (Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory) [Bricusee, Leslie] [Newley, Anthony]Tomorrow (Annie) [Strouse, Charles] [Charnin, Martin]

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